Student Instructions

How the new system works and how it effects you.

IEEE Carleton provides course note printing for selected classes. Your instructor will let you know if the IEEE office printed notes are available for your class.

Reserving your copy is as easy as following 3 short steps.

Step 1: Make Your Order

Come visit our office to make your order. You will need the following

  • The class course name and code
  • Cash to purchase the book
  • A valid email address for us to get back to you when your reserved copy is ready

Step 2: Receive the Pick-Up Email

Receive an email letting you know your course notes are ready for pickup.

What’s in the email?

You will receive a code in the email that you will have to bring to pick up you reserved copy.

Step 3: Pick-Up

Come to the office and pick up your book!

Instructor Instructions

Do You have a course pack that you would like to distributes?

The IEEE Carleton Student branch has decided to change its course pack distribution system to better serve the students. The new course pack distribution system requires the students to come into the IEEE office and pre-order the course packs.

  • The students that wish to purchase a course pack need to come the IEEE Office (ME 3359) and pre-order a copy at the front desk. They must prepay for the book in cash and provide an email address that we can use to notify them once their order is ready for pickup.
  • We send out the orders to the printing company on Fridays. This usually allows the student to pick up their course packs within a week of the pre-order date.

If you are interested in printing your course notes through IEEE Carleton please contact us and we will get back to you with more detailed information to ensure a smooth transition.