IEEE Student Professional Awareness Conference

IEEE Student Professional Awareness Conference (SPAC) is a formal dinner event that aims to bridge the gap between students and their career goals. SPAC offers students and employers a unique opportunity to network with one another in a professional environment along with professionals and academics representing the fields of Engineering and Computer Science.

SPAC Website

IEEE WIE Wine and Cheese

Celebrating Women in Engineering

Join us in the spirit of celebrating WIE and helping to strengthen the relationships between students, professors, and industry professionals. We offer a unique opportunity for everyone sharing the same interests to meet and network (or practice networking) in an informal and no-pressure environment.

For many students, this represents an opportunity to create meaningful links to the professional industry in Ottawa. For employers, this is an opportunity to meet in person the next wave of innovators and problem solvers. Expect to see many students from co-op and recent/soon-to-be graduates looking to find out more about you and your work!

Every year the IEEE Carleton branch helps organize and maintain this event.

WIE Wine and Cheese Website

Battle Royal

Gaming for Charity

Battle Royal is one of the largest annual LAN parties in Ottawa. Every year, over 100 competitors bring their rigs for the day to compete for fun, glory, trophies and even cash prizes. In past years, our grand prizes have been as high as 1000$. Even when you're not playing the game that you pwn at, there's always a good time to be had. Every year, participants have whipped up games like Minecraft that gets everyone playing together. It's just a cool place and a good time you won't want to miss.

Battle Royal