IEEE (pronounced Eye-triple-E) is short for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Despite the name, IEEE is heavily involved with all aspects of engineering. The Carleton University Student Branch provides many services which you will find beneficial such as workshops, technical presentations, career networking events and more. This year, we have a brand new system which will allow volunteers to help us plan these events and work together with much more efficiency. You are not only invited to attend these events, you can also help us organise them and show prospective employers that you have what it takes to succeed.

The Magic Formula


IEEE Carleton knows the importance of continuous learning. We provide workshops and encourage collaborative work in the office.

Workshop Newsletter


Along with workshops, students can attend SLAM and CU Hacking to gain experince working in a team. IEEE carleton has many harware tools available to encourage students to build and explore.


Today's students are the work force of tomorrow. To help student find COOP and career opportunities, IEEE Carleton hosts networking events throughout the year.

Have Fun

Who said engineering can't be fun? IEEE Carleton is an inclusive community where friendships are formed and fun is never forgotten! You can drop by our office anytime.